Lamballe Lavage Véhicules Industriels
Lamballe Lavage Véhicules Industriels

Tanker Wash

Interior washing of your tanks with all the guarantees

ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, qualimat certifications.

Lamballe Lavage Véhicules Industriels (LLVI) has 2 independent washing lanes reserved for internal cleaning of Tanks.

Our washing center is approved by national and international customers in the fields of chocolate, oil, sugar, milk, fruit juice, mineral water, etc.

Guarantee the quality of food products

Only complete washing of tanks – before each loading – can guarantee the quality of food products delivered in bulk.

A personalized procedure for washing each tank

We are at your disposal to qualify, validate and define a cleaning procedure that meets your requirements. We engage with you in the washing process.

Tank Interior Cleaning

Adapted services :

  • 2 tracks dedicated indoor and frost-free
  • 12 washer heads HP (120 bars)
  • hot water 176°F, cold water qualimat
  • detergent, disinfection
  • drying
  • steam 248°F to disinfect and/or Kosher procedure
  • stainless steel tanks for cleaning pipes and reductions
  • fittings for cleaning washing ramps
  • seals
  • washing certificate
  • visual/olfactory + pH controls
  • Tests : allergen, ATP metric, protein

At the end of each service, the operator carries out a visual and olfactory check as well as a pH test. A washing certificate attesting to the entire procedure is given to the driver.